Wrestling Singlets – Effect of Modern Technologies

A total equilibrium should be maintained in these features. Sports goods manufacturing companies should work on these elements while designing them. Appearance part can not be sidelined as wrestler has to confront with the opponent on the mat in adverse conditions which needs skill as well as confidence.

In the last few decades, two scientific developments have changed the dynamics of wrestling singlets – these are, development of sublimation and arrival of lycra and spandex material. Arrival of these two materials has absolutely altered the dynamics of wrestling uniforms. Wrestling Uniforms from spandex and lycra are very advantageous as compare to the old ones which were made of nylons and polyesters, they are light in weight, comfortable and flexible. These developments have made a revolutionary alteration in the manufacturing of wrestling uniform.

Well, every coins have two sides – wrestling uniforms made of lycra and spandex are not easy to embroider, as they are very flexible. Screen printing on them is fine but ink will not stretch similar to the fabric which makes a very bad impression when dressed. Swiss embroidery & tacklet has solved this problem, but stitches that are made on the fabric can be very uncomfortable to the wrestler.

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