4 Ways to Pick Underwear for a Girlfriend 
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4 Ways to Pick Underwear for a Girlfriend 

Imagine this – your girlfriend asks you to hit the store and get her underwear because she needs one and cannot go out right now. What will you do?

Will you ask her a thousand questions before going? No, because it will only make her mad. Also, there are times when buying underwear for girlfriend will help spruce things up. It doesn’t matter why you want to purchase underwear for the girlfriend; we are sharing some of the tips to pick cute underwear for the girlfriend!

Check the Size

It doesn’t matter if your girl wears shorts or seamless crossover leggings; you have to be careful about the size. You should focus on the hipline as well as waist size – it’s recommended to take the measurements. However, if it’s not possible to take the measurements, open her drawer where she keeps the lingerie and check the size on the underwear’s label.

Keep in mind that you cannot guess the size, so always try to be sure. If nothing is working out, go and ask your girlfriend rather than getting scolded later.

What’s the Purpose?

When you go into the undergarments section of a store, you will be spoilt for choice. For this reason, it’s important to know the purpose she needs the underwear for. To illustrate, she cannot wear the same underwear beneath her sexy bodycon and hiking pants. In addition, the underwear used for periods is different, so make sure you get to know the purpose.


This is one of the most underrated factors, but it’s the important one. There are a lot of shapes, such as French cut briefs, boxer shorts, bikini briefs, tummy tuckers, hipsters, G-strings, and more. Truth be told, the names are pretty easy to explain the shape. For instance, if you want something that she can wear every day, you can purchase classic briefs and hipsters.

On the other hand, if she needs underwear for periods, you can get her French-cut briefs or tummy tuckers. As far as the workout sessions are concerned, we recommend getting the boxer shorts. Last but not least, if you want something sexy, go for G-strings or thongs.


On top of everything, the material you choose makes a huge difference. There are multiple materials, such as cotton, satin, viscose, spandex, and lace. The materials also depend on the occasion. The regular use calls for cotton material. On the contrary, if you want the underwear to give her some shape, we suggest using polyester, polyamide, and nylon materials.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that purchasing high quality yoga leggings is the same as purchasing underwear. That’s because you’ve to be careful about the material, size, and stretch. However, before we sign out, we do want to add that we don’t forget about the color. We are just adding this part because women love to color-coordinate their undergarments.

So, are you ready to do the hard work and find the perfect underwear?