Cosplayer Trends and Celebrities

Two particularly popular cosplay magazines are being published in Japan. They are called Dengeki Layers and Cosmode. Cosmode is the most influential Cosplay magazine.

MTV has created one episode for the series True Life, which is focusing on the fandom of Cosplay. And is claiming that a new documentary should be released in 2010 that will be centered on the personal life of a small group of Cosplayers. Beginning of January 2010, this film is being made in the city of Chicago. This film is tentatively named: Cosplay, Cosplay!

The manufacturers make and sell packaged costumes which can be used in Cosplay. Relatively cheap suits can be had for about eighty dollars in America., while expensive suits can go for over six hundred dollars. In addition to the manufacture of articles for the specific use of Cosplayers, fashion industry has been inspired by Cosplay in popularizing the Gothic Lolita look, based on the clothing worn by characters in popular periods.

Cosplay made more influence on the Japanese advertising industry, than on the commodities market. The media increasingly looks for Cosplayers to hire as models. The really good Cosplayers are often seen as characters from fiction, in the flesh. Much in the same way as movie stars came to be identified with specific parts. ADV Films have hired Cosplayers for the work that was previously assigned to the models of its agency. Ability of Cosplayers to re-create characters chosen, with precision and vitality, is what plays a major role in this development of situation. Also, the ability of Cosplayers to attract an existing market is influencing this trend.


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