Sask. brothers chase world record with balloon costume

The sound of balloons popping and the smell of latex was in the air towards the end of the Weyburn Chamber of Commerce’s Summer Parade Sunday.

That’s because a 13-foot balloon Minion was walking through. The balloon costume is the creation of local brothers Richard and Preston Roy, who are trying to beat a Guinness World Record with the character.

“Being in the parade was on Preston’s bucket list,” Richard, who often goes by his stage name, Richy Roy, shared. “We kind of drew our inspiration from the Macy’s Day Parade, where you have those huge balloon things floating down the sky. It’s something really incredible.”

The massive balloon costume was an incredible sight to see for the crowds viewing the local parade as well, as evidenced by their shocked and smiling faces. The brothers walked the costume through the streets by each taking residence in one of the legs of the character, giving the Minion a spin every once in a while.

The brothers are hoping the costume, which took over 50 hours and 1,300 balloons to create, will break a world record. The balloon costume was measured at 13-feet five inches tall before the parade. That information is being submitted to Guinness World Records. Roy said the current record holder is around nine-feet tall.

The massive balloon character will be on display at the Weyburn Curling Rink during Fair Days.

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