Purchasing Couture Wedding Gowns

Couture wedding gowns in the past were highly admired and considered as the most fashionably thing to spot on your wedding day, as a matter of fact, nothing has changed until now. Women are going for couture wedding gowns for their special day, why shouldn’t they? It’s one of the most incredible wedding gowns ever made. You can describe it as beautiful, modern, sophisticated and perfect.

The Options

There are a bunch of really great designers when it comes to couture wedding gowns. One good example would be Janell Bert. She is an extraordinary designer with a pretty inspiring history. In 2004, Bert was presented a special award in Las Vegas by the International Bridal Manufacturers Association (IMBA) for the quality of embroidery and astounding handiwork on her bridal gowns.

Until today, Bert continues to design n couture wedding gowns and is currently also a costume consultant for various regional theaters, she creates more than three hundred costumes every year.

Lulu Yang is another marvelous designer for couture wedding gowns, their company places their feet in your shoes in order to share your vision for your wedding. If you approach them for consultation, they will widely explore your preferences, which include the silhouette, color palette, textile, and concept.

They will help you out in deciding the right gown for you. Each gown in their collection is perfect, with flattering design lights to give emphasis on your best assets and couture quality. They only have one thing in mind, to make you feel comfortably and beautiful on your wedding day.


You would want to be have loads of fun and happiness without worrying about money, but wedding gowns, specifically couture gowns are sold with enormous price tags. It would be a wise move to have a budget for yourself before you go and purchase you dream wedding gown, with this you can have a basic idea to follow and not go beyond your budget.

Before buying a dress, make sure you are totally satisfied. Browse through all the possible stores, take the time to consult various designers until you are please with the dress. Some women claim that they knew it was THE dress as soon as they saw it, while for other it took them a lot of time to think over.


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