Where to Buy Glow Sticks

If you’re a bit younger, you’ll know glow sticks as the novelty the pretty girls and some questionable boys wear in dark nightclubs with loud music until 7 or 8am. Maybe accompanied with a lollipop or two and stupid looking furry boots.

From pool parties (glow sticks are waterproof and a lot of fun in the pool) to kid’s birthday parties and for those wanting to dress up with a bit of flouro to a theme party – maybe 80’s style?

They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The standard 20mm long tube with a bit of string to tie to the wrist is very popular but the thin super bendy ones are cheap and plentiful. They can also come with connectors so you can make all sorts of shapes.

Most people tend to put these together to make anything from necklaces to bracelets, and sometimes even glow-in-the-dark hula hoops!

You can buy them in pre-defined novelty shapes as well. Have a look at stock lines and now you will find them in the shape of multicoloured sunglasses and now even animal shapes – like walk the doggie.

So how to do they work without using battery power? The secret is in the chemical reaction of two separated substances within the plastic tube. Inside the plastic tube is a small and thin glass tube that is easily and safety broken when the unit is bent. The chemical reaction known as “chemiluminescence”. Do not bend the tube too much as this will cause leakage.

Light sticks as they are also known can be used for practical purposes. Instead of candles it’s a good idea to keep one or two on hand but they are good also for camping and fishing trips.

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