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Quick tips on customizing your own waist trainer

Quick tips on customizing your own waist trainer

The trend has taken off because of waist trainers. Celebrities and fitness buffs alike have fallen in love with these chic outfits, which claim to give your body the desired hourglass shape. However, finding the appropriate waist trainer that complements your form and style might 

How to Wear a White Shirt Stylish Classics?

How to Wear a White Shirt Stylish Classics?

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, some items stand the test of time, proving that simplicity and elegance never go out of style. The white shirt is undeniably one of these enduring classics. Whether you’re dressing for a formal event, a casual outing, or a 

Flattering Shapewear: Styling Tips to Create the Perfect Look

Flattering Shapewear: Styling Tips to Create the Perfect Look

Do you know why shapewear has become so popular over the past two years? Coming in flattering and fashionable designs, shapewear is increasingly gaining the attention of many women around the world. Shapewear is no longer tight undergarments that are uncomfortable or restrictive but has evolved into a fashion item that can be your mainstay outfit choice on various occasions.

Thanks to continuous innovation in creating stylish designs, we can now wear butt lifter shorts which work effectively to shape peach buttocks while giving a trendy look when paired with our oversized blazers. There are also shaper dresses that sculpt the perfect hourglass curves while making you look more elegant at the after-work party. Your casual look will be taken to the next level by combining a lace tummy control bodysuit and your favorite jeans. Today’s shapewear is simply gorgeous!

With the right styling and mix and match, shapewear can create a flattering look for you. If you are interested in joining this trend, here are styling tips to look effortlessly stunning with shapewear!

Pair A Shapewear Bodysuit With Your Jeans

You can easily get a stunning look that will make anyone’s jaw drop by combining a tummy control bodysuit and your favorite jeans. Yes, it really is effortless!

Even though it looks simple, wearing shapewear bodysuits will make you look more attractive than ordinary tops. The key is the contouring effect provided by the bodysuit itself. The compression eliminates unflattering bulges in your midsection for more defined curves and a sleek look. You can try shapewear bodysuits with various pretty designs at Shapellx. They are offered in many colors, patterns, and necklines. Of course, everything is flattering to combine with jeans or any bottoms!

Easy Styling With Shaping Jumpsuit

Do you already have the best shapewear with butt lifter from Shapellx? It looks like you should add to your shapewear collection because this popular brand is stealing attention with the shaping jumpsuit they recently launched. Shaping jumpsuits can be stunning outfits without a lot of additional accessories because the design itself is already flattering. Just pair it with your favorite high heels and you will make anyone turn their heads for you.

This product will complement all figures and provide a classy look for any occasion. With light compression, it can still provide effective tummy control while maintaining your comfort throughout the day.

Mix and Match Shaping Shorts And Blazers

This style has been very popular since last year and is still a favorite for many fashion enthusiasts today. The combination of a sports bra or crop top, biker shorts, and an oversized blazer is a style that will work amazing on any body shape.

Shaping shorts are a versatile item that you can wear for gym routines, workouts, and comfortable casual wear. Its light character provides a balanced look when combined with an oversized blazer. Even better, the firming and slimming effects make your thighs and buttocks even more adorable. The high waist design can perfectly conceal fat deposits in your stomach and waist area as well. Complete your chic look with a pair of sneakers that are comfortable for you to walk with.

Look Simple Yet Gorgeous With A Shaper Dress

If you want to create a flattering look easily, a shapewear dress is a staple. It is a modern shapewear innovation that combines a stylish dress and a built-in body shaper that sculpts your entire body in the most comfortable way you have ever experienced.

The popular brand Shapellx offers their shaper dresses in elegant and classy designs. You can choose the most basic designs to pretty dresses with ruched, lace, or patterned details. While you can’t stop admiring how gorgeous the dress hugs your body, leave the sculpting duties to the built-in shapewear underneath. Shaper dresses are designed to provide the most comfortable compression yet with a great contouring effect. You might forget that it’s a shapewear!

Wear a Backless Thong Bodysuit For A Glam Look

There are days when you need shapewear undergarments that can hide perfectly under your favorite backless dress. It may sound tough to find the right shapewear, but not since Shapellx launched their shapewear bodysuit with an open-back design. It allows you to wear strapless and backless outfits with more confidence by providing breast-focused shaping, lifting and firming features. No need to think twice, it is an item you must have now!

French Fashion You Can Follow Right Now

French Fashion You Can Follow Right Now

It’s time to welcome the fall season with a new and stylish approach. Because the summer’s vibrant colors give way to autumn’s warm, earthy shades. And what better way to do this than by emulating French fashion’s signature effortless elegance look? French style has long 

The Hottest Activewear Picks You Will Love to Wear

The Hottest Activewear Picks You Will Love to Wear

In the past, it was considered a fashion mistake to wear your workout gear outside the gym. Now, things have changed, just embrace the active lifestyle with confidence! Whether it’s a cozy activewear set, yoga leggings, a hoodie, or an active bodysuit.  It’s perfectly acceptable to 

Colorful outfits and fashion: These items you will love

Colorful outfits and fashion: These items you will love

Get ready to explore the world of colorful fashion. Hence, it’s the trendiest thing in 2023, and guess what? Thus, it’s not just for grown-ups; kids can join the colorful fun too! Here are four fabulous colorful fashion pieces to try.

Berry Pretty Dresses

Making Moves Berry Pink Floral Midi Dress
image from:

Picture yourself in a garden full of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries – that’s what Berry Pretty Dresses are all about! Hence, these dresses are adorned with colorful fruit prints that make you feel like you are walking through a berry paradise. Thus, you can find them in different styles, from twirly sundresses to comfy maxi dresses.

Why Berry Pretty Dresses?

  • Hence, the bright berry prints add fun to your outfit.
  • These dresses are also ideal for sunny spring and summer days when you want to stay cool and stylish.
  • Berry Pretty Dresses are not just pretty but super comfy, making them great for playdates or picnics since they are ideal for other events.

How to Wear Berry Pretty Dresses

Pair your Berry Pretty Dress with white sneakers or sandals for a casual look. Add a sunhat and some sunglasses, and you’re ready for a day of fruity adventures!

Colorful T-Shirts

How to Wear T-Shirts

Pair your Pineapple Party T-shirt with some denim shorts and comfy sneakers. Add a pineapple-themed accessory like a hair clip or a bracelet to complete your pineapple-loving look.

Watermelon Wonderland Sneakers

Step into a Watermelon Wonderland with these amazing sneakers! The delicious green and pink colors of watermelons inspire these shoes. They’re stylish and super comfy for all your active adventures.

Why Watermelon Wonderland Sneakers?

  • The vibrant green and pink colors make these sneakers stand out in a crowd.
  • Don’t worry about getting dirty; these sneakers are easy to clean.
  • Whether running around the playground or going for a nature hike, Watermelon Wonderland Sneakers are up for the challenge.

How to Wear Watermelon Wonderland Sneakers

Pair these sneakers with your favorite jeans, leggings, or a colorful skirt. They’re versatile and go well with lots of outfits. Get ready to walk on the fruity side!

Citrusy Cool Accessories

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Citrusy Cool Accessories are the perfect way to add a pop of fruitiness to your outfit. You can find lemon, lime, and orange-themed accessories like hairpins, headbands, and bags.

Why Citrusy Cool Accessories?

  • These accessories add a playful touch to your style.
  • You can wear them with different outfits to create new looks daily.
  • Citrusy Cool Accessories are like sunshine, even on cloudy days.

How to Wear Citrusy Cool Accessories

You can wear citrus-themed accessories with just about anything! Clip a lemon hairpin onto your ponytail, wear a lime headband, or carry an orange bag with your favorite dress or jeans. Let your creativity shine!

Colorful Fashion Fun Tips

Here are some tips to make the most of your colorful fashion adventure:

  • Mix different colorful pieces to create a colorful and fun outfit.
  • Fashion is about expressing your unique style, so have fun and be yourself.
  • Make sure your fruity fashion pieces are comfortable for all your adventures.
  • Accessories are like the icing on the cake – they complete your look and make it even more special.
  • The most important thing is to wear your fruity fashion with confidence and a big smile!

Get Ready for a Colorful Fashion Fiesta!

With these colorful fashion pieces, you’re all set for a fruity fiesta! Whether you choose Berry Pretty Dresses, T-shirts, Watermelon Wonderland Sneakers, or Citrusy Cool Accessories, you’ll be the trendiest in the fashion bowl. So, grab your favorite colorful piece, put on your biggest smile, and let your fashion adventures begin!


Spend the Day in a Healthy Way with This Activewear

Spend the Day in a Healthy Way with This Activewear

If you cannot motivate yourself to go for a workout, wear the cute activewear and watch yourself hitting the gym like a boss. This sounds interesting, right? It’s actually true because wearing the right activewear puts you in the right mood to work out and 

Back-to-School Outfit Ideas You Will Love

Back-to-School Outfit Ideas You Will Love

Homecoming is a much-awaited event. Every year, it marks the wonderful return of alumni to their alma mater from near and far; a sense of renewal fills the air along with nostalgia, excitement, and anticipation. One of the highlights of seasonally traditional Homecoming is to 

Popilush’s Top Shapewear Adds New Style to Your Wardrobe

Popilush’s Top Shapewear Adds New Style to Your Wardrobe

If it’s been a while since you renewed your wardrobe, you need to update this status quickly. Or maybe you even buy a new outfit one time or another, but still feel like something is missing. This is a normal feeling for many women, but don’t let it become routine in your life.

  To be in good shape with your appearance, it is important to seek updates on trends and pieces that value your body, such as a shapewear dress, for example. In this article, we will check important tips to renew your look with Top Shapewear by Popilush.

1- Built-In Shapewear Slip Maxi Lounge Dress

This model comes first because it is one of the most versatile pieces from Popilush, as it goes with practically everything. It is much acquired by women who want to be practical when dressing and have an impeccable appearance.

It delivers full-body modeling, balancing a flat stomach with perfect curves in the hips and legs. In addition, it has a built-in bra with removable pads that provide support for the breasts. It is made in Exterior/Outside: 92% Modal / 8% Spandex with Interior/lining: 62% Nylon / 38% Spandex.

2- Sheer Mesh Shapewear Long Sleeve Thong Bodysuit

The design of this shapewear is a fashion trend. The long sleeves with transparency detail are being used all over the world. It is breathable and contours every curve smoothly.

It features dual-layer fabric that promotes optimal flattening of the tummy with stretch inside and out. Composed of 63% Nylon + 37% Spandex. It can be considered the best bodysuit shapewear for you to go to a party or social event.  

3- Square Neck Wide-Leg Long Sleeve Shapewear Jumpsuit

The jumpsuit with a wide legs and long sleeves is perfect for wearing during the fall season. He passes elegance and increases his feminine power. The square collar delivers a sophisticated look for the woman.

It has modeling mesh on the waist panel that performs the perfect flattening of the belly. Composition of Outer Layer: 52% Nylon + 48% Spandex with Inner Layer: 62% Nylon + 38% Spandex, being highly breathable.

It has an elastic design on the chest support with integrated removable pads that give you optimal support and distribution of the breasts. The plastic mesh on the back is light and makes it easy to take off and put on the garment.

4- Built-In Shapewear Modal Soft Lounge Dresses

A shapewear bodycon dress is an essential piece in your closet and could not be left out of Popilush’s Top Shapewear. This type of dress delivers the famous column structure for your silhouette and promotes the hourglass shape as it shapes the tummy through dual-layer waist control.

It is available in three versions:

  • Slip Mini Dress
  • Slip Maxi Dress
  • Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

The last option is often used during autumn or in business environments. The long sleeves are elegant and offer greater comfort to the woman.

The butt is raised through technology for the BBL effect. It has a built-in bra with removable pads that adapt to your daily needs. In addition, it has an open reinforcement, an important helper for those times when you need to go to the bathroom.

It is available in five colors (black, gray, light brown, pink, and blue). Modal fabric is soft and hugs your body for comfort.

The Best High Waisted Leggings for Every Type of Workout

The Best High Waisted Leggings for Every Type of Workout

Far removed from conventional lounge pants, high-waisted workout leggings are engineered to match the demands of your most rigorous exercises. They offer compression and moisture-wicking properties, allowing your legs to breathe freely. Be it a gentle, low-impact walk or an intense weightlifting session, a reliable